Exhibition bins

1) Example of "endless" rolls in the production of packaging from beverage cartons.

Packaging obtained from beverage cartons assumes its shape when filled with the contents. Before filling, this packaging looks like a roll of flat material.

The main component in beverage cartons is good-quality paper, where the impermeability is ensured by plastic and aluminium foils.

2) Ground mixture from beverage cartons.

Following grinding, separated beverage cartons can be used directly for the production of new products. Another way of using separated beverage cartons is to use only the paper component by wet pulping.

3) Example of packaging paper

produced from the paper component of a beverage carton An interesting processing method involves the use of the aluminium and plastic components from recycled beverage cartons to produce various advertising items, such as ball-point pens.

4) Samples of construction board

Ground-up beverage cartons are pressed at a temperature of about 200°C to produce construction board used in the construction industry.