Exhibition bins

1) Final separation of paper

Separated paper from the blue container is further separated as to kind for further processing. For example corrugated cardboard, newspaper, magazines and other types.

2) Pulped paper

Dry-pulped paper is used as thermal insulation. Wet pulping is used to produce new recycled paper.

3) Residues from paper recycling

Parts of the separated paper that cannot be further processed (foil from envelopes, paper clips, lamination from paper and other admixtures)

4) Example of a paper-mill screen

A thin mixture of pulped paper is applied to a paper-mill screen, where water is removed and new, recycled paper is formed.

5) Corrugated cardboard

This material is used particularly to make all kinds of boxes. It consists of several layers of recycled paper. the shape of the structure and number of layers determine the strength of the new product.

6) Products made of recycled paper

Recycled paper is often used to produce paper, notebooks and other items.