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Waste Sorting in Households - Coloured Containers

Household Waste

In the course of most human activities substantial quantities of various wastes are generated. Now it is quite clear that such waste should be properly managed. Without appropriate waste management we would soon live rather on dumpsites and landfills than in our homes. We only have to decide on whether we will recover, regenerate and reuse the waste otherwise disposed of, or not.

If, for instance, a plastic cup is discarded in mixed waste, such used package will loose not only any chance to be reused, but also its value. However, if household waste is properly sorted already at the household, particular waste items can be recycled and reused in the form of new, commonly applicable products. Moreover, according to Act no. 185/2001 Sb., Czech citizens are obliged to dispose their waste of using a prescribed method that is to be specified by the applicable municipal/local ordinance.

How should be the household waste handled?

The easiest way for waste sorting is to make it at the place of its origin, i.e., in your household at the end of the concerned item‘s service life as soon as you want to throw it away.  Simply, the package that just has had it should be put into a basket, bag or box designed for the appropriate sorted waste type.

From experience it ensues that an average Czech household mostly produces paper and plastic wastes. The largest spaces should be, therefore, reserved for putting the two waste types aside. Scrap glass should be best stored in plastic boxes. Many people put used beverage cartons in the same box or bag as used for used plastic packages making their additional sorting at collecting containers (if not collected together).

As a result of waste sorting more space is left available in trash baskets and rubbish bins for mixed waste. Consequently, our trash basket need not be emptied so often as before, or we can afford a smaller one. Sorted waste may be then removed and put to a collecting (municipal) container once a week or even less frequently. It will apply, however, only in case that used packages are empty and as clean as possible – even yoghurt cups should be rinsed with water beforehand. You are the only authority, who will decide on the method of waste sorting in your household. If you wish to send a photo of your home arrangement for waste sorting, you can do it using some of the following contacts, as appropriate:jaktridit[at]