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Waste Sorting - Other Waste

Where to find information about waste sorting?

In addition to waste that can be sorted employing coloured containers, there are other waste types generated in households, such as metals, bulky waste, organic waste, hazardous waste, discarded electric appliances, battery cells, etc., whose sorting is very important, whether it is made for the reason of their future utilisation, or in order to reduce or eliminate their hazardous environmental effects. The system of waste sorting is generally laid down in a municipal ordinance and shall be strictly observed. Specific information concerning waste disposal is available at the municipality or, possibly at the gate of a collection yard (or drop-off centre), if established in your town or village.

So-called “other waste” includes also discarded furniture, carpets, linoleum, washbasins, toilet bowls, kitchen units, electric appliances, building debris, etc. These wastes may be transported to the drop-off centre or a curb-side collection can be used, if organised on a local scale. In case it is assumed that a larger volume of waste will be produced within a defined period of time, for instance during reconstruction works in one‘s house or flat, it is beneficial to order the provision of a large-volume container from a specialised service supplier, who will also dispose the waste of (for cash).