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Sorting Waste - Coloured Containers

Where to find information about waste sorting?

Waste mixtures of almost any type can be sorted. Waste collecting containers of various colours, commonly found in the streets, are designed for waste collection in compliance with their individual colours and labels specifying the waste that should be put (and should not be put) in the given container.


are collected in the yellow container. In an average Czech rubbish bin plastic waste takes the largest space among all waste types. That is why the sorting of plastic waste is very important as well as the reduction of their volume, typically by crushing plastic bottles by foot or by pressing them by an appropriate method before disposal. In certain towns beverage cartons are sorted similarly as plastic bottles, while it is not practicised in other towns, subject to local conditions and equipment available in local sorting plants. It is, therefore, strongly recommended to read carefully the labels placed on individual containers. In addition to the waste types referred to herein below, these containers can accept even wastes marked with number 7.

Plastic foils, bags, collapsed PET bottles, packages of washing, cleaning and cosmetic agents, cups used for packing yoghurts and other dairy products, packing foils of consumer goods, packages of CD discs and other plastic products.

Expanded polystyrene should be broken into smaller pieces before disposal.

Packages contaminated with fats and oils, residues of food or cleaning agents shall not be put in collecting containers, as well as used packages of caustics, paints and other hazardous substances, or floor coverings and PVC tubes.