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Sorting Waste - Coloured Containers

Where to find information about waste sorting?

Waste mixtures of almost any type can be sorted. Waste collecting containers of various colours, commonly found in the streets, are designed for waste collection in compliance with their individual colours and labels specifying the waste that should be put (and should not be put) in the given container.


should be thrown in the blue container. It is just paper that forms the largest part, by weight, of all waste types produced by Czech households, which can be sorted. The blue container thus represents the easiest way, how paper waste can be disposed of properly. Alternatively, scrap paper, well sorted by type, may be given for cash to a buy-back centre. However, this way of disposal need not be locally available everywhere.

YesThe blue collecting container is the right place, where newspapers, magazines, copybooks, paper boxes and other packages, any cardboard items and even books (w/o bindings) can be chucked. Envelopes with transparent foil windows and scrap chancery paper including staples and paper clips may go there, too. Processing firms will be able to handle them. However, blister liners, if used, should be removed from envelopes before disposal.

Complete books should not be put in blue containers - their bindings have to be removed first. If a larger number of books are to be disposed of, they should be better delivered to a collection (drop-off) centre. Scrap paper that cannot be recycled, such as carbon paper, greasy or otherwise soiled paper should not be collected in the container. Warning! Used disposable napkins really do not belong in the container for paper, but in the rubbish bin!