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Sorting Waste - Coloured Containers

Where to find information about waste sorting?

Waste mixtures of almost any type can be sorted. Waste collecting containers of various colours, commonly found in the streets, are designed for waste collection in compliance with their individual colours and labels specifying the waste that should be put (and should not be put) in the given container.


Over the last few years it has been possible to see grey containers for the collection of metal packaging more often. These bins are designed for cans, tins and smaller pieces of metal waste. Actually, you can find almost 14 thousand of these containers. More often is sorting metal packaging along with plastic or beverage cartons (in that case should be a special sticker on the bin). In general we can sort waste to more than 119 thousand containers and bins. 

The common places for sorting non packaging metal waste are buy-back centres, where metals can be given for cash as secondary raw materials. Some places have a "curb-side collection" organised, called, e.g., "Iron Sunday". These are designed for the mass collection of iron scrap from households, in some towns there are so-called "drop-off centres" established for this purpose.

The collection containers are suitable for smaller metal waste, which fits through the hole of the container. F.e. cans, food tins, tubes, closures and aluminium foil.
People can bring metal pipes, sheets, pots, bathtubs, bicycles and other bigger metal objects to the drop-off centre or buy-back centre. Another topic is metal electronic devices, however, people should only drop them off if they are a complete item.


It is not allowed to put tins from paints and chemicals (containing dangerous substances), electronic devices and any other object consisting of more materials to the collection containers for metals. All these types of waste are collected at drop-off centres separately. These containers are not designed for heavy metals (Pb, Hg). Car wrecks should be handed over to scrapyards, where you can get literature about ecological disposal.