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Sorting Waste - Coloured Containers

Where to find information about waste sorting?

Waste mixtures of almost any type can be sorted. Waste collecting containers of various colours, commonly found in the streets, are designed for waste collection in compliance with their individual colours and labels specifying the waste that should be put (and should not be put) in the given container.


is collected in the container that is painted in green or in white colour. In case both these containers are available, the used glass should be sorted also according to its colour - coloured glass shall come in the green container, while colourless glass is to be put in the white one. The sorted glass need not be shattered as it will be subject to additional sorting and processing. Owing to its specific properties glass waste can be recycled to infinity.


Coloured glass, such as bottles used for wine, beer and other alcoholic and soft beverages should be thrown in the green container, as well as smashed glass panes of doors or windows.

The white container is designed for colourless clear glass, such as wasted container glass (bottles and jars) used for packing ketchups, jams, etc., and broken beverage glass.

Ceramic and porcelain items shall not be thrown in the containers for glass, as well as automotive (laminated) glass, wire glass, and gold decorated and metal plated glass. Returnable container glass should be returned to the store against deposit.