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Sorting Waste - Coloured Containers

Where to find information about waste sorting?

Waste mixtures of almost any type can be sorted. Waste collecting containers of various colours, commonly found in the streets, are designed for waste collection in compliance with their individual colours and labels specifying the waste that should be put (and should not be put) in the given container.

Beverage cartons

known as milk or wine boxes should be thrown in containers that may get various shapes and colours, but bear an orange label in any case, or in orange bags. It will depend on the carton collection system employed by the municipality of concern. Beverage cartons bear the following marks/symbols:

In case you find a container identifiable to its orange label, you should be sure it is designed for collecting wasted beverage cartons used for juices, wine, milk and dairy products, which should be collapsed (by foot) before being thrown in the container.

“Soft” bags used for coffee and other powdered/granulated food should not go to the container with the orange label. The same applies for any incompletely emptied beverage cartons.