It Is a Fashion Craze That Will Go Away

Waste sorting is not any issue of fashion – it is the problem of social responsibility and in fact, all people should sort their waste. It should be noted that waste has been sorted out from time immemorial. Even in the past the utilisable waste (particularly of agriculture) was further processed. Mainly at the village people chucked used items and materials very rarely and tried to make use of them again and again. In kitchens, for instance, almost all wastes, including, e.g., egg shells and potato peels were reused. Maybe, you remember the times, in which so called “igelite” carrier bags were rare and were regularly washed and repeatedly used.

Waste sorting saw its wide development in fifties in the form of competitions in scrap paper and metal collection organised at schools. In the course of 1970‘s it was possible to find the first containers for glass waste collection in the streets, while coloured containers designed for collecting other waste types were put in service twenty years later. More than ten years ago we have got the possibility to sort different wastes, by type, using specific coloured containers. Compared to other European countries the system of waste sorting established in the Czech Republic has been set efficiently and comfortably for the citizen, making the process of waste sorting an easy way for recycling the utilisable fractions of municipal waste.

Waste production grows continuously every year and it is necessary to provide for the recycling and reuse of any utilisable raw materials. Moreover, every year the Czech Republic shall meet the per cent proportion of recycled waste to comply with the applicable EU legislation. All the obligations concerning waste sorting and recycling ensue from the Act on Wastes.