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Questions and Answers

  1. answer Do the plastic packages of cosmetics go in sorted waste?
  2. answer Is it correct to throw, in addition to PET bottles, all the used bags of baked goods brought from the supermarket, used bags of other goods and plastic packages cleared of paper parts, into the collecting container for plastics?
  3. answer Is it permitted to throw shredded paper in the blue container?
  4. answer May I put cooked meal leftovers in the compost?
  5. answer Used children napkins – where do they go?
  6. answer Used mineral oils and paints – where do they go?
  7. answer Waste not fit for the sorted waste container – where should it be chucked?
  8. answer What about packages marked C/PAP or C/PP?
  9. answer What can I do with used vegetable oil and the used oil package?
  10. answer What container is designed for sorting used milk, juice and wine boxes?
  11. answer What container(s) should be used for wastes marked C/LDPE 90 and C/PAP 84 (cappuccino bag and instant soup bag, respectively)?
  12. answer What to do with aluminium caps of yoghurt bottles and metal packages?
  13. answer What waste type does mascara belong to?
  14. answer Where can I drop-off electric waste?
  15. answer Where can I drop-off old textile goods?
  16. answer Where does polyurethane foam (“molitan”) go?
  17. answer Where should the toothpaste package be chucked?
  18. answer Which container can accept packages of insecticides?
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