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Questions and Answers

  1. answer Have I to wash the used cups of yoghurt or other food thoroughly before throwing them in the container?
  2. answer In our town there is a container designed for plastics, which bear two labels – for plastics and for beverage cartons. Is it not a mistake?
  3. answer Is it necessary to collapse PET bottles and beverage cartons by foot before sorting?
  4. answer Is it necessary to remove foil windows from letter envelopes before being put in the blue container, or not?
  5. answer Is it necessary to remove metal paper clips and staples from chancery paper and magazines before sorting?
  6. answer Is it normal, if the collection vehicle pours together the contents of different containers for sorted waste?
  7. answer Is it required to remove the cap and label from the PET bottle before throwing it in the container?
  8. answer Is it true that egg cartons/trays made of paper shall not go in the blue container?
  9. answer Why are there so few containers, why are they often overfilled at my place of residence?
  10. answer Why should I sort waste, if I pay for waste collection more and more year by year?
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