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Tony Package on the Move

is a touring exhibition that deals with waste processing and recycling. EKO-KOM offers the exhibition to schools free of charge.

  • The exhibition will explain the following issues to visitors in a comprehensible form:
    Why are wastes sorted?”, “What is sorted?”, and “How are wastes recycled?”
  • It is designed primarily for the students of secondary schools and appropriately completes the content of curriculum with the subject matters of ecology and environmental protection.
  • The exhibition comprises a game in which children themselves will try waste sorting; instructor‘s lecture, charts displaying the lucid representations of particular waste cycles and the samples of materials produced through waste recycling.
  • The viewing of the exhibition including supporting explanation by a trained and certified instructor will take about 45 minutes.
  • Holding conditions: 4 time to 5 times, each for the group of 20 – 40 children. Typically the exhibition can be installed in the classroom, in the area before the blackboard.
Orders for the exhibitions should be directed to Ms. Eva Sochůrková, phone: 729 848 301, who will also willingly answer your questions in this respect.


Events calendar:

Date Time Organization name Street Town
27.6.2017 9:00-12:30 ZŠ Francova Lhota Francova Lhota 190 Francova Lhota
27.6.2017 8:55-12:35 ZŠ Zlaté Hory Wolkerova 712 Zlaté Hory
28.6.2017 neuvedeno ZŠ Zdíkov Zdíkov Zdíkov
29.6.2017 neuvedeno Hartmanice 95 Sušice Sušice
29.6.2017 neuvedeno zš Stachy Stachy Stachy
29.6.2017 neuvedeno ZŠ Slavkov Slavkov Slavkov
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